Our professionalism at your service

"We work every day to enforce consumer rights."

Roberto Tascini


"We protect consumers because there would be no consumption without them."

Angelo garofalo

vice president

"Whatever rights you have as a consumer, I will enforce it."

Laura pulcini

vice president

"To use every resource well to help all citizens."

Rosa Carrabetta

treasurer - administration

"It is much better to sit down with us and reach an agreement."

Roberta Toscano

secretarial office and conciliation secretariat

"We spare nobody when it comes to rights."

Armando Biagetti

credit and savings sector

"What I do here makes me fully excited."

Dario Del Grosso

energy and gas sector

"We share ideas and projects to help young people grow."

Memmo Salem

civil service - projects sector

"The desire to do is contagious."

Manuela Invidiato

civil service - projects sector

"The law sets the rules, and I'm here to enforce them."

Patrizio Barbieri

legal office

“Sometimes a Code article is enough to restore rights."

Rosa Lanatà

legal office

“Je suis ici to help you hasta la victoria.”

Catalina Cobo

international desk